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Vixin cider is the product of years of labor, travel, research and testing undertaken to create the perfect cider:  fresh, crisp, natural and a delight to drink.


Our mission for a great cider started after we moved from London to New York and found ourselves missing the ciders so commonly available in the UK. There seemed to  be no cider available that we could love so we decided to make our own. 


So off we went, traveling all over the UK, France, Belgium and the US for five years , tasting all the different ciders available. These varied from crazy, whisky barrel aged concoctions of 25% abv, to the cloudy, flat British ciders to the candy-like commercial ciders mixed from concentrated apple juice, water, colors and flavors (no, we don't really consider those real ciders).  Finally, we discovered the perfect French blend in a small cafe in Paris.  A real, 100% pressed apple juice made from special French cider apples, fermented using a unique yeast from 1789. The secret recipe  had been passed on by generations of monks to create a delightful, sparkling, refreshing blend with a strong apple base and a glorious smell that transports you to an apple orchard in Normandy.


Once we found our holy grail, we naturally wanted to make this beautiful product ours. Sadly, the producer of this amazing cider was long gone. Luckily, we met the real cider expert - a multi-year gold-medal winner dedicated to the art and craft of making the finest ciders in France. With his expertise and passion, we were able to take the wonderful qualities of our favorite blend from Paris to new heights  and create the best cider we have ever tried - Vixin. 


The name Vixin embodies the naughty female fox or perhaps an elegant female employee of  the apple orchard.  Slightly mischievious, she prefers to enjoy an afternoon nap under the apple trees while the hard working farmhands pick apples. She might be seen sipping a drink of apple cider or two to cool of in the hot sun, while the exasperated supervisor is seen looking for her around the office.  She's not lazy though ; sometimes, you just have to take time to enjoy the good things in life and inspiration will follow.


We hope you will enjoy Vixin - the champagne of ciders , dedicated to making every day a little bit more special. So go on, find a special friend, open a bottle and enjoy your glorious day for a moment. Cheers to that!



"Vixin Cider is the best pear cider is the best I've ever tried"



“I love the bubbles and the fruity smell.”



“Everyone who tried Vixin Cider loved it right away”


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